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Boost your productivity 10x

Sheet Surfer dramatically boosts your productivity when working with AI.

Forget the slow, tedious process of entering AI prompts one at a time in ChatGPT. With Sheet Surfer, you can run bulk AI prompts, obtaining thousands of responses simultaneously.

Experience the simplest, most effective method to accelerate your projects with AI.

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Put your spreadsheets on steroids

AI-Powered Productivity in Sheets

Elevate your spreadsheet game by generating bulk AI content directly within Google Sheets.

Create AI Images in Bulk

Seamlessly generate multiple AI images in Sheets with just a few clicks.

Effortless Web Scraping

Simply input URLs and retrieve content directly to your Sheets, saving loads of time.

Scrape Search Results Easily

Import search results into Google Sheets for quick analysis and decision-making.

Works in any language

Use SheetMagic in any language and country, making it a versatile tool for all teams.

Unlimited AI Use

Insert your own OpenAI API key for unrestricted use, unlocking limitless possibilities in AI tasks.


Simple, transparent pricing

Saves you time and money, cutting the need to hire extra help or do tasks manually.

Solo Plan

$25 / month

Supercharge your spreadsheets today

Team Plan

$95 / month

Supercharge your spreadsheets today


Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your plan, you can use GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, Dall-E 3, and GPT-Vision.

Yes, this is required.

By using your own OpenAI API key, you can ensure you're getting the best price on usage and not paying silly markup fees.

It also allows us to offer you unlimited AI usage.

Yes. There's a quick set-up guide for advanced users and a detailed, step-by-step guide for beginners who are newer to AI.

Setup takes ~3 minutes.

You also get access to all documentation after purchase.

No, it does not use OpenAI at all and will not cost you anything additional.

Here's a list of our scraping functions:

=visit("URL") Visits a URL and returns all of the content on that page (which you can then interact with using AI)

This will return the top 20 search results from DuckDuckGo in a table with the URL, meta title, and meta description.

=bulkserp("SEARCH QUERY")
Gets top 5 search results from DDG and puts them horizontally.

This will return the meta title for a given URL

This will return the meta description for a given URL

This will return the H1 for a given URL.

This will return any H2s on a page for a given URL.

This will return all the headings on a page for a given URL.

This will return all paragraphs wrapped in a tag for a given URL.

=pagedata("URL1", "URL2")
This will get a lot of the page data listed above for a list of URLs and put it into an organized table for you.